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Top Ten Reasons for Divorce

Some people marry each other, divorce and then re-marry. This sounds ridiculous but it happens and in most of the cases marriage ends in d…

Started by Mark WellsLatest Reply

Obama Tended To Tilt Toward The Investment Banker More Than Brothers & Sisters On The Block!

Started by Mark WellsLatest Reply


I understand people in general don't want to deal with this issue but it plays a role in molding the sub conscious mind everyday . THE SHAC…

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Disney's Chicken Little (1943); Not Your Everyday Cartoon

Chicken Little is a 1943 short film created by Walt Disney during World War II. Unlike the company's 2005 movie of the same name,…

Started by Mark Wells

0 Sep 22, 2015

How are Laws and Rules Different

The main difference between rules and laws is the consequences associated with breaking them. While each is developed to invoke a sense…

Started by Mark Wells

0 Sep 15, 2015

Be The Victor, Not A Victim

A victim is someone who feels powerless, and is therefore unable to take appropriate action to resolve situations adversely affecting…

Started by Mark Wells

0 Jun 14, 2015

Why Should You Secure Your Subconscious Mind?

Whether you like it or not, YOUR MIND IS EXPLOITED BY OTHERS EVERYDAY. Most of the time its harmless, sometimes useful, but some…

Started by Mark Wells

0 Apr 30, 2015

When It's All Said And Done, Selfishness Is What Kills Relationships

What happens frequently is that the selfish partner dominates the relationship with their needs and wants and burdens their partner with…

Started by Mark Wells

1 Mar 3, 2015
Reply by Mark Wells

What is Love Addiction?

People develop addictions to shield themselves from intolerably painful feelings. An addiction always creates harmful, often ignored con…

Started by Mark Wells

0 Dec 26, 2014

Apartheid in South Africa Laws, History: Documentary

Apartheid (lit. "aparthood") (pronounced [uh-pahrt-heyt, [uh-pahr-hahyt]) is an Afrikaans word for a system of racial segregation enforc…

Started by Mark Wells

0 Dec 5, 2013

Some of As Shaytan's Greatest Tools are...

LUST Lust is As Shaytan biggest if not greatest tool to destroy you because many are deceived into thinking that just lusting after some…

Started by Mark Wells

0 Aug 25, 2013


Did you know that people are either servants or slaves? This may sound strange, but it is true. This is actually a biblical and qurani…

Started by Mark Wells

0 Aug 18, 2013

Free.. Can Lead to Error

Every man, all men, suffer from certain limitations. It is important to recognize and accept them. Perception is limited to the fiv…

Started by Mark Wells

0 Jul 21, 2013



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Once you go down the rabbit hole, you will discover things that most people don't know. Here are 40 outrageous facts that most people are clueless about.…Continue

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