The People of Washitaw


The Oldest Indigenous Peoples On Earth
The Washitaw de Muu & The Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah

On the 2nd of Muu, ( twenty five thousand years ago ), the Washitaw people decided to leave their native land of Muu. Muu had become decadent and power hungry, but the Washitaw were a peaceful, righteous and honorable family. A matriarchal society since the time of the Empress Ismaale'. The Great Amazon warrior of Muu, it is estimated that her reign began some one hundred thousand years ago.The ancient Washitaw were musicians, historians, herbalists and architects. Their reputations reached far and near. After millennia of spiritual and physical wealth and abundance, wars and significant differences began to occur between neighbors. Forbidden technological powers were used to destroy one another.

The Washitaw Empire has been traditionally been ruled by intuitive and spiritual women with the bloodline dating back to "The Great Empress" Ismaale' of Muu Proper.

Empress Ui Ua, the new leader of the Washitaw de 2nd of Muu had very powerful intuitive powers. She saw the impending doom for her homeland (Muu). She began to send the architects and their families East to the Holy Land called Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah to survey and construct living quarters, business offices, burial chambers and a National Infrastructure for the coming migration of the Washitaw multitudes. Thus, the pyramids and mounds of Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah (now known as the U.S.A) were constructed. Mounds and pyramids can be found throughout the Ohio Valley, the Tennessee valley, the Mississippi Valley and in the Grand Canyon.

We are the aborigines, or as Lewis and Clark called us, the black and brown, bushy-headed original inhabitants of North America. The Washitaw and Tunica families carry the Emperial bloodline.



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