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Emperor of Ethiopian Haile Selassie

The facts of his life are well known. Haile Selassie's influence on the world is his most enduring legacy. Born Tafari Makonnen in 1891, Haile Selassie came to be identified inextricably with Ethiopia. Only rarely in the modern world does the story of a man become so closely linked to the…

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Shirley Sherrod, Fox, NAACP, USDA and Obama BY ROCHELLE RILEY

Rochelle Riley

"Working with him made me see that it's really about those who have versus those who haven't. They could be black, they could be white, they could be Hispanic. And it made me realize then that I needed to help poor people -- those who don't have access…

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Muhammad Ali ;"Float Like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee"!!!!


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"What is your definition of "The Higher Self"???"


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The Life Story of Saladin (1138-1193)


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The Top 13 Misconception of Islam and The Last Sermon Of The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)


Muslims are violent, terrorists and/or extremists.

This is the biggest misconception in Islam, no doubt resulting from

the constant stereotyping and bashing the media gives Islam. When a

gunman attacks a mosque in the name of Judaism, a Catholic IRA

guerrilla sets off a bomb in an urban area, or Serbian…

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Why is the Number 13 Considered Unlucky???

We are told that 13 is an unlucky number. The date Friday the 13th is taboo because the Knights Templar were arrested and condemned by the seneschals of Philippe IV, King of France, in a "pre-dawn raid" on Friday, October 13th, 1307. The number 13 has been shunned for centuries. Some architects omit the 13th floor from office…

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39 Facts That Many of Us Don't Know

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Once you go down the rabbit hole, you will discover things that most people don't know. Here are 40 outrageous facts that most people are clueless about.…Continue

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