“Moral Revolution Vs The Status Quo” By Shaykh Ali Abu-Talib Son Of AbdunNur

Imagine a place where cheating is praised;
where new borns are murdered, and no one’s amazed....
a world where each tribe, every nation has a God of it’s own.
But The One, The Unique, The Real God is unknown.

Imagine reformers who are branded insane,
not for lying, or cheating, or inflicting great pain,
but for exposing wrong deeds towards the poor and the weak,
and for having the courage to stand up and speak,
for defining wrong deeds from right regardless of class,
for condemning the wrong that’s revered from the past.

Was Muhammad a fool? Was he daft or demented?
Then why was he hated and his message resented?
Pride blinded the Arabs to their wretched conditions.
They worshiped their egos, and their prideful traditions.

Muhammad’s new cause spotlighted their flaws,
which struck at their ego’s weak vanity.
They viewed submission to right as sedition that might
cause a change which they viewed as insanity!!!

Their haughty minds were closed to whatever opposed
whatever they thought that they knew...
deaf, and dumb without sight to many views that were right
fore they chose to see falsehood as true.

And isn’t that the nature of arrogant false pride?
Be it in the time of camel travel or in the time of the space shuttle ride, egocentric ethnic pride, won’t admit wrong, and repent.
Pride won’t even let a soul open up long enough to relent
just long enough to objectively and privately examine itself,
unless it is preening or counting it’s status or wealth.

And so it was with God’s Final Rasool.1
His own people misjudged him as a dangerous fool.
The idol worshipers called for tribal solidarity with increasing regularity
to stop Muhammad’s reversal of traditional polarity.
Yet, amongst the youth, his congregation slowly grew as well as his popularity.

Muhammad’s view was expressed with such sincerity and clarity
that despite it’s newness, and controversial peculiarity,
Muhammad’s call had a haunting familiarity
that was compelling and attractive in it’s spiritual muscularity.

On the other hand the self worshiping culture’s poetic barbarity
could in no way shape or form reach near charismatic parity
with The Quran.

The Quran is God’s Own Composition. Muhammad did not compose it.
It is like The Arc Of The Covenant. It is disastrous to oppose it.

Quran is God’s Lecture on what’s morally best for human welfare...
what’s reasonable and fair.
Through it God established daily salat prayer.

Through Quran God demands that we conquer greedy barbarity
by purifying our concept of wealth with interest free loans and unselfish charity.

But instead of seeing Islam’s popularity with clarity
as a beneficial attraction for idealist youthful sincerity,
they saw Islam’s unanticipated infectious popularity
with the youth as a dangerous attempt to break tribal solidarity.

They feared that this would destroy their advantageous traditions
which assured their inherited elitist tribal positions.
They correctly saw this as Islam’s ultimate ambition,
and these truth hiders wanted no part of this altruistic idealist social condition.

But the Hashimites were already like a solid wall.
Though Muhammad didn’t convert them all,
nearly all Hashimites took his side.
What if just 10% of each tribe allied themselves with the Hashimite side?
The status quo would be seriously disrupted.
So the truth hiders viewed the Prophet’s preaching as “gullible” youths being culturally corrupted.

They saw the Hashimites as rivals with more than their “fair” share of power.
If the other tribe’s young men took the Hashimite side in this volatile hour,
the Hashimites influence would tower over them all,
and all of their status and privilege would most likely fall.

Quraysh was much too arrogant to submit to common sense and reason.
They thought reforming their culture was cultural treason.
So they’d rather their children gamble and drink wine
than be lead into rightness by one not of their kind.

You see, not only were Muhammad’s converts from different nations and tribes. Some were illiterate, while some folks were scribes.
Some folks were princes and some folks were slaves.
Some were good citizens, and some were once knaves.

Most folks were males. But some folks were women.
Some folks were elders, and some where still children.
Some folks were black, and some folks were white.
But all of them felt deeply that Muhammad was right.

There were two kinds of people who wanted to preserve the status quo.
Those privileged elite who viewed idolatry as spiritual theater... a lucrative show that made their personal and tribal finances steadily flow.

They looked at monotheism askew
because housing everyone’s gods, the old ones and the new,
made Mekka grow in social, economic, and political value
as each community demographically grew.

To them, down sizing 360 gods for just 1 was an illogical no-no.
Muhammad’s religion would be a fatal blow that for sure had to go.
So though most of the elite didn’t really buy the religion their own people sold,
they insisted that Muhammad’s influence be at least somewhat controlled
to preserve their real religion, which was primordially old,
trans-desert commerce… fabric, cattle, art objects and gold.

The other group who wanted to maintain the status quo
were trapped in a caste that was common and low.
They were trapped within in it and unable to grow.
Yet they ate the elites’ false religious opiates which made them too slow
to know that they were being fed fantasies to keep them forever in tow.

These pitiful people willingly swallowed the line of the clan...
or the man, that began the quo of their status. They did not understand.

Though they had little to no cash flow,
the ignorant masses were proud of a show
they never could star in,
and a class out of which
they could never go far in.

But the little they tasted of the down-trickled flow,
so tickled their pride induced ego,
that they’d foolishly crow, about what they couldn’t possibly know,
and what they did not possess that kept their status below,
and what was pawned off as swift but was slower than slow.

The common Arabs were locked into foolish superstitions and traditions
which made them blind in the mind to right admonitions.
They hated the natural human inhibitions
that were strengthened by God’s Revealed prescriptions and prohibitions.

The average pre-Islamic Arab lived life as a celebration
embellished by occasional or perpetual intoxication and fornication
which they stubbornly refused to view as corruption, an obvious indication
that the once noble Arab civilization lost its humanity to vile degradation.

God and God’s Prophet condemned all their fun.
Then made fun of their idols, which he told them to shun.
So both rich and poor Idolaters banned together in unity
to silence the man who could split their community.

They pledged to defend, extend, preserve and conserve
the dispensation of the gods their forefathers did serve.
They viewed Islam as insane since it made the status quo swerve,
and Muhammad, God’s Prophet, got on The Arabs’ last nerve.

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