There will be some that will take offense to this post but they must understand the absolute of race which is "race is a man-made illusion and when our most intelligent play this game of "tick for tack", all it does stall the universal growth of all who participate. I personally find it very hard to understand that people who judge solely by the color of one's skin are really not in-tune with the essence of man which is the human spirit.


 Lets  keep in mind that skin color and human features only developed its major differences when dark skin people migrated away from Africa and over a matter of time, our characteristic (nose, head, eyes, skin color and so on) change to the climate of where that particular tribe of people resided. And IN SHORT, with the physical migration of people that features were different... I BECAME ME AND YOU BECAME YOU. The magic of an individual lies in the heart and soul of a person and his or her demeanor and personality will display each individual's uniqueness. 


Don't let other's perception become your reality. A lesson learn can also be found in others foolishness.

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Comment by Olatunji Mwamba on January 9, 2012 at 12:01am
The only people who believe that we should deal with other as individuals are the powerless and generally they are Black people. Black people didn't create this issue of Racism. However, we did differentiate ourselves from other peoples who lacked melanin. See The Tomb of Rameses 3rd where the Egyptians (Kemetu) have a painting of the known races of their day. You have The Kemetu , The Nubians, both of whom look very much alike, then you have the Shamahou (Western Asians) and finally the Tamahou (Caucasians) . 
Comment by Olatunji Mwamba on January 8, 2012 at 5:47pm

The problem with this article is this: Racism white-Supremacy isn't about individuals at all. It's a group , a collective issue. This is how the Black race is being dealt with. The Caucasians,  the Arabs and other "races" have continually tried to annihilate us from the planet. And I know that how we conduct ourselves as individually, contributes nothing to changing these atrocities being committed against us everyday. Racism white-Supremacy is being perpetrated in all areas of people activity. You see this in access to fair and equitable  Bank loans,  access to better and higher Education,  access to Health Care, The Criminal Justice system,  where we live,  the quality of the food we have access to, and so much more.  It's even in the negative images of us being portrayed by the Media;  thru Print, Radio, Television, Movies, Music and Music Videos, etc. This is what is called "Subliminal Seduction" .  For  those who doubt all that I've said,  I urge you to read these books. (1) "The Destruction Of Black Civilization: Great Issues Of A Race From 4500 B.C.--2000 A.D. " by Dr. Chancellor Williams (2) "Enemies: The Clash of Races" by Haki Madhubuti (3) "The Maafa And Beyond" by Erriel Roberson (4) "Putting It All Together:World Conquest, Global Genocide, And African Liberation" by Terrance Jackson (5) " Medical Apartheid: The Dark Medical Experimentation On The Black Americans From Colonial Times To The Present" by Harriet A. Washington (6) "Two Nations: Black, White, Separate, And Unequal" by Dr. Andrew Hacker (7) "The Heart Of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism, And White privilege" by Robert Jensen (8) "An American Dilemma" by Gunnar Myrdal (9) "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews" volumes #1 &#2 by The Historical Research Department of The Nation Of Islam (10) "The Jewish Onslaught" by Dr. Tony Martin (11) "100 Years Of Lynchings" by Ralph Ginzburg. When you're finished google (1) "NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL MEMORANDUM #200" (2) "GLOBAL 2000 REPORT" . This is not about an individual. An individual, by his or her positive example has very little impact to change the quality of life of the collective good of Black people. It's about the collective. This is how Black people have been and continue to be deal with. We need to stop rationalizing Racism white-Supremacy and its detrimental impact on Black people world wide. We need to call it what it is--- evil. I'll part with this quote: "The only form of 'functional' racism that exists among people of the known universe is Racism white-Supremacy".--Neely Fuller


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