Is Individualism and Materialism Killing People of Color in America??

It seems to me that America is a very individualistic society and we as African Americans have subscribe to this wholeheartedly so no covenant among us could never be sustainable.

We have that "I gotta get mine, you gotta get yours" type of attitude. We no longer wanna be obligated to a larger society, culture or tradition...we just want our piece of the American Dream by any means necessary.

So with that in mind, what happens when the dream is on the verge of turning into a nightmare!?

Where do we turn back or fall back on since we refuse to built "real correlations" with each other!??

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Materialism is not related with the colour of the skin and individualism is a positive word to me which express that we are unique and everyone try to express this on His own way. Selfishness is an another question which is present in our modern societies. 

....The souls are not blacks or/and whites, appearance is just an outer thing. Nothing to do with the ppl with "I the gotta get mine attitude".  They will suffer a lot. 

Hi Olga ... What I meant by individualism is when people only think of themselves and don't consider others by their actions... maybe the word selfishness is a better fit.; and your right... these action are not just a problem of people of color in America but unfortunately, it affects us more than any other group in America and probably the world. It's no fun to put this out but it must be said!!!


Yes, true, talking about the problems can open the eyes/mind of others. Little step to begin to do something. Communication can start actions. :-)
The read of this post is very interesting. However, I like to think that because the african american race is a minority, it is much easier for others as well as ourselves, to look and see the flaws and lable them as an error which give rise to inability to care for self, as a people. A hunger or greed towards those things that are seemingly ornate. a Seemingly lack in what will give promise to the people as a hole, Education. But, I ask, How is a people who has been enslaved for more than four-hundred years, are to rise up to an acceptable social status. I think it would take far more time than we may think for this to happen. Some people of colour have found their way to a status, but too who's acceptance. Those things that are concidered material, which can be seen by others, are to be taken, by the have nots. An individual who expresses him\herself to a high social status are accepted by some and put down by others. This is not just in the people of colour, its everywhere and for reasons known or unknown, the focus is on the ones of colour, which gives a negative rise for and to the people of colour. The African American people are a minority, it is impossible for us to out number the poor in the country or the most imprisoned. No matter what the statistics may say on percentile. It is easy to if you are a majority in control of media outlets to spread negativity on those without. It is easy to give a retraction to something said, but harder to change the minds of those who are willing to beleive the negativity.



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