Obama Tended To Tilt Toward The Investment Banker More Than Brothers & Sisters On The Block!

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I watched the Tavis forum and it was just a lot of hyperboli. There was one lady that had info
about how our community was being impacted with good stuff however the message wasn't
getting to the hood. Perhaps that info was desimminated to a chosen few and once the few
got their startup cash then the hood would be notified.

If the brothers and sisters stood straight he would not be allowed to tilt without huge consequences. When you play their game thier rules apply, specifically when their is no strength in the community to stand behind you...so the brother must tilt...damn shame!

While Tavis & West speak the truth...the also know the truth so does this really help! irks the hell out of me!

I agree!!! People laugh at me when I said if we were voting on principle we should vote for Miss McKinney. If we're voting for the best chance to win... vote for Obama . I CHOICE PRINCIPLE!!

Teresa Odom said:

He explains what we need to do prefectly. President Obama has been elected to govern  " WHITE AFFAIRS "



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