Lust is

As Shaytan biggest if not greatest tool to destroy you because many are deceived into thinking that just lusting after someone is harmless. Allah didn't create lust. Iblis did and boy, did he do a good job of it. Millions are hooked and he couldn't be happier. Allah created the very opposite of lust, which is a healthy wholesome desire for love, which many don't even want to hear about. Lust, on the other hand is perverted and depraved and there is nothing wholesome about it.

Lust overtakes your soul very much like a drug. There is no rationale behind it. It takes over your mind, and it doesn't matter if you're single or married, no one is immune to its power. If you're smart, you'll flee, but many don't want to and many can't even if they tried. The power of lust is just too great for some to overcome. They become entangled into someone's web filled with lust and they are burned by the superficial promise of love before they can escape it. He knows that if he can get your mind working in overdrive for all the wrong reasons that go along with lust, you become the biggest tool for his mission, and it isn't a mission of mercy. You become addicted to a relationship that's no good for you. And if he can't get you through a person, he'll use porn. He'll find you the most twisted porn that tears apart your soul. It's not a billion dollar business for nothing.


The cycle is never ending. He knows you'll go lusting from one person right after the next, and if that's not enough to keep you busy, he'll have you lusting for many at a time. Once you get bored with them, he's got a whole new crop waiting for you. It's never ending. If you don't believe Satan, just look at the dating sites loaded with millions of people looking for just a good time. The same goes with porn. You'll go from one porn video to the next with no end in sight. Lust always has an expiration date. It's never a happily ever after story, not by a long shot. He's laughing at you every step of the way. He knows that your appetite for lust makes you restless, irritable and obsessed. He knows you'll turn to alcohol, smoking, food or drugs to calm your nerves, but they never satisfy you. He's hoping that the tools you use to self medicate yourself with after being burned will give you an early grave so that he can greet you at your door after a painful slow death. He doesn't' care as long as he wins your soul.

Sex Outside of Marriage

This was never Allah Ta'ala's plan. God will never bless sex outside of marriage no matter how much you try to rationalize it. Allah never intended for you to jump from bed to bed before marriage. As Shaytan on the other hand can't wait for you to step into his territory. He wants you to fail. He knows what he has waiting for you on the other end and it's no picnic. He has burned many with shame, that leads to obesity,STDs and emotional and physical abuse. He has convinced many that it's perfectly normal to screw around before one gets married.

Shaytan, the great deceiver, even went a step further with the fine art of deception that has been played out for ages. Shaytan knows that the guy you're with will lie and not tell you he has three STD's, but that's for Shaytan to know and for you to find out. As Shaytan also knows that a girl will lie to you about taking her birth control so she can nail you with a baby in hopes she'll have that wonderful marriage she's always dreamed of. The hell comes later when you're trapped in an ugly situation that looked so enticing when you first met. Shaytan is an expert at dressing up some of the ugliest souls with the greatest amount of charm and good looks in order to do his work.

Ilblis also loves the fact that the divorce rate is so high. Millions of people started their relationships by putting the horse before the cart before marriage because it's normal and acceptable these days. Shame is a thing of the past. It no longer exists for many. He adores the fact that many people say you have to test drive it before you marry it. Since when did the sanctity of life become comparable to a car? Ilblis knows the majority don't care and he is laughing at you and not with you. A divided family costs this country millions in divorce court and additional homes, etc. and the children involved many times end up ripped apart as pawns by two people warring against one another, instead of loving each other. Satan is so pleased that people have cheapened something that Ar Rahim created to be kept sacred in marriage. ILBLIS doesn't care as long as he can destroy you in the process because he never wants you to find out the truth behind his lie.


Anyone who has ever turned their back on Allah has a lot of pride to start with. Ilblis is delighted with someone like this. He could use them for his work because they don't want to do the work that please Allah. He loves the trendy cool hipster who could care less about Al Aziz (The All Mighty). When the prideful can't wait to to cut you down, Shaytan delights in them. He is very pleased with their cruelty. They are oblivious to the fact that they have become one of Ilbis's little minions doing his devilish work for free. Prideful people with their never ending sarcastic jabs can't wait to snicker at you behind your back. If you're trying to do Allah's work, you'll feel that "sick to your stomach" tension when you're in their presence. Their hate for you is not something the prideful can hide easily. They have money, intelligence, looks and power, but their hearts are made of stone. They don't care who they use as long as those people make them look good. Everyone becomes disposable and Satan loves that about them. Prideful people naturally become Shaytan's children by doing his work and they don't even realize it until it's too late.

The Love of Money

The love of money has destroyed many lives and Shaytan is delighted. Criminals will kill and steal for it in desperate times. Workaholics will burn sixty plus hours of their lives in the office every week for the love of money only to have a materialistic wife spend it all. Leaders will take bribes for the love of money. Prostitutes will give themselves to the highest bidder. It never ends and Shaytan couldn't be happier. Does a CEO need $900,000 a year? No, but Ilblis will make sure he gets that and then some along with his mansion and new trophy wife who will love him for his money, and not for his decency as she watches him discard his first wife who no longer looks fresh and youthful on his arm. Ilbis is tickled pink as he watches this played out time and time again. People who love money will sell their soul to the devil. The price will last for eternity but they don't care as long as they have lots and lots of money.

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