Deep Examination of the Hatred Between the Races

A theory concerning why Whites hate Blacks was theorized almost two decades ago by a Harvard educated African American psychiatrist. Her name is Dr. Francis Cress Welsing a famed and respected author of the controversial ISIS Papers. She formulated this theory in an effort to explain why people of color, (whom constitute a majority of the world's population) are for the most part ruled and governed by people who lack the ability to produce melanin (White people). This article is a compilation of her theory as well as other readings and writings I have gleaned from numerous books and articles written on this subject matter.

The world's population consists of many different color variations, red, (Native Americans for example), yellow, (Asians), brown, (East Indians), blacks, (Africans) and whites; (Caucasians). Four fifths (4/5) of the world is populated by people of color. Then why does this minority race control the vast majority of the land mass, economies and governing bodies throughout the world? Francis Cress Welsing theorizes that this 1/5 minority population or the Caucasian race, devised an ominous and despicable plan to divide and conquer all people of color to preserve thei existence. She goes on to say that the Caucasian race is a result of a genetic defect, the inability of their bodies to produce melanin. Indeed, she theorizes that the White race is in actuality a mistake in nature called Albinism.

It is widely known and undisputed that the cradle of man or the birth of man emanated in Africa. So in reality if the first man is African then all humans on earth are of African descent by default. In Africa, thousands of years ago, a small percentage of births were genetically defective. The particular phenomenon I am alluding to is commonly referred to as Albinisms. Most albino children were killed soon after birth, thought to be of the devil, ugly and defective. But not all of these children were destroyed. Numerous albino children were allowed to live. And over time their numbers grew. Although these albino children were normal in every way save their skin color they were not treated as equitably as the majority, the melanin pigmented family members. These abnormal children were picked on, ostracized, and generally made fun of by their mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other members of the village and community. Many lived a sad existence of persecution.

They bore the brunt of an endless jokes, pranks and humiliations. Their lives were made miserable by virtue of their skin color, or lack thereof.

What results in being the endless object of jokes and humiliations? Hatred, yes hatred, one learns to hate your oppressor. And in this case who are the oppressors? The oppressors are their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, extended family members, the extended black family.

In the Jewish community, as in many African communities there exists a formal initiation, a rite of passage so to speak. This proverbial rite of passage or "the coming of age" is a long established tradition in many communities and societies. In the Jewish religion this rite of passage from adolescence into a situation of responsibility or in the Jewish vernacular, "becoming responsible for ones actions" is called Bar-mitzvah for boys and Bat-mitzvah for girls.

Children in Africa also encountered a rite of passage experience. The male children were taken into the forests (whites refer to the forest as the bush or jungle) and taught to hunt, protect themselves, become warriors, forage for food, and learn the healing properties of plants growing in the forest. They were taught how to become men and to do what men are expected to do, find a suitable mate for child bearing and raise a family.

The female children were initiated by the woman of the village, their mothers, grandmothers, and other extended family members. They were taught how to become women, how to cook forage for food, attract a mate, find a husband, and raise a family.

The albino children were also given the privilege to take part in this rite of passage. But, as had been experienced throughout their lives, in many cases they were inherently treated differently. In most cases the male children having successfully completed the task assigned them during the rite of passage were returned to the village and given a house as reward for passing into manhood. They were now men and were expected to do man like things, find a wife, have children, and raise a family.

However, a segment of the male Albino children, even after successfully completing their rite of passages into manhood, were not allowed to return from the forest. They were not welcomed back into the village. It is surmised that the village fathers provided these newly minted men enough information and skill sets to live outside the village, form their own communities. By doing so, village fathers reduced the risk of these genetically inferior individuals producing additional genetic defects within the village community.

Although the majority of albino males were not allowed to return to their respective villages there were a number of albino men that were allowed to return. They were given homes in which to live, just as the normal melanin producing males were given. They were also told that they were now men, to do what men do, find a woman, impregnate her, have children and raise a family.

These albino men wanted the same blessings in life most of us want, a woman to love, to be loved and respected, children, and general happiness. Like most men who admire beauty and womanhood, we seek intelligence, compatibility, respect, and attractiveness in a woman. Attractiveness in a normal African community is and was a smooth skinned, dark complexioned, shapely woman of color. And that's exactly what the albino men wanted as well. The irony of this condition is, although they sought the normal, dark, melanin producing female, this phenotype was not attracted to the white skinned albino male. So what was the albino male to do? He courted and mated with the only females that accepted their peculiar condition and romantic advances. Villagers much like themselves, those lacking the capacity to produce melanin, the albino women.


This anomaly continued for millenniums, inbreeding exacerbated the aberration and led to a continuation and growing population of light or white skinned people. As these genetic phenotypes continued to produces similar phenotypes, their numbers grew, which contributed greatly to the formation of tribes and villages exclusively inhabited and populated by people of similar physical likeness.

One major disadvantage of light or white skinned people, especially in the continent of Africa are their inability to withstand the ravages and harmful effects produced by protracted exposure to sun. The sun has the ability to severely damage and destroy skin cells and is especially harmful to individuals lacking the ability to produce melanin, nature's form of natural protection from UV radiation.

The most efficient way to protect oneself, (get out of harm's way so to speak) is to remove oneself from the sun. Limit exposure by relocating to an environment that has reduced solar exposure. Countless locals exist on the planet, locations with colder climates, settings with significantly less solar exposure, Europe is but one example. And that is exactly what was done by these white or light skinned African villagers. These melanin challenged peoples migrated to a locations and climates conducive to accommodating their diminished physical condition, their body's inability to protect itself from the ravages of solar radiation. Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, and Antarctica all serve their purpose well.

Here we come to the most important factor and salient point of this expose. Whites or Caucasians are well aware of the fact that the Black gene is dominant over the White gene. If a blond hair, fair skinned blue eyed white woman is impregnated by a black man the resulting child will have skin, hair and eyes darker that the female impregnate. The child is Black 99 out of 100 times. If there were race mixing, peace and harmony throughout the world, at some point in the future, the white race would cease to exist. The entire world would be Brown. And of course, the white race does not what to cease to exist. In order to prevent white genetic annihilation, ancestral whites devised a plan of divide and conquer all peoples of color in order to preserve themselves as a race.

How do you divide and conquer all peoples of color to ensure racial continuation? Manufacture and produce weapons of mass destruction in great numbers. Invade lands, countries, and continents inhabited by people of color. Kill, maim and rape the indigenous population, establish governments, laws, and monetary systems that disenfranchises the people who rightfully own and occupy the land mass. Destroy the culture; change the historical facts via education. Adulterate the knowledge and literature of the indigenous population by teaching, preaching and promoting lies, fairytale and historic falsehoods.

This has been done and is continuing to be done throughout the world in order to negate and mitigate white genetic annihilation. It is for this very reason that Whites inherently hate Blacks and view Blacks as their natural enemy, in their collective psyches Blacks and people of color must be controlled and or ultimately destroyed.

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