El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) On Pierre Berton Show 19 January 1965

This interview was recorded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 19 January 1965 for "the Front Page Challenge", with Pierre Berton, on the CBC, Canada. Brother Malcolm was assassinated about a month later in Harlem on 21 February 1965.

The worst headache for the power-structure in the US at that stage had been Malcolm's whirlwind tours of Africa, Middle East, and Europe, in which he was treated as a hero by the people and as a head of state by the governments (of Africa and the Middle East). He also attended the OAU (Organization of Arfican Unity) Meeting in Egypt (the only American allowed) in July 1964 as an observer, during which on 17 July 1964 he distributed a memorandum urging the African leaders to do more for the Human rights of the African Americans. He started by saying: 

"The Organization of Afro-American Unity has sent me to attend this historic African Summit Conference as an observer to represent the interests of 22 million African-Americans whose human rights are being violated daily by the racism of American imperialists....

....in the interests of world peace and security, we beseech the heads of the independent African states to recommend an immediate investigation into our problem by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights."

He concluded as follows: 

"One last word, my beloved brothers at this African Summit. No one knows the master better than his servant. We have been servants in America for over three hundred years. We have a thorough inside knowledge of this man who calls himself "Uncle Sam." Therefore, you must heed our warning. Don't escape from European colonialism only to become even more enslaved by deceitful,"friendly" American dollarism. May Allah's blessings of good health and wisdom be upon you all."

Here is the complete version:

He had said many times that he was working on getting the UN involved to ensure the Human Rights of the African Americans. Nothing could be more irksome and frankly more embarrassing for the "leader of the free world".





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