We have turned back time.
When did Men become males?
How did Our Precious Women become females?
Does anyone remember? The Middle Passage, The Slave Trade, Jim Crow? 
Freedom has a price.... We are now selling it back. 
Penny's for Our Ancestors Souls.

Martin Died for us! Malcolm Died for us! Medgar Died for Us! 
Hundreds of Thousand more gave all their lives! Mind Body and Soul. 
So that we can now call... Our Precious Black Women Bitc*es and Ho's !
No other culture on Earth Disrespects there Women as we do.
We are the Only Race of Men on the Face of the Earth !
That call Our Women Bit*hes and Ho's.
We are speaking of Our Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, and Daughters. 
We are speaking of OUR GREATEST GIFT from GOD. 
Our Beautiful Black Women. 
I remember if anyone called your Mother Sister or for that matter ...
Any Woman or girl Bit*hes or Ho's these were Fighting Words ! 
All Hell Broke Loose !
Now this is how some speak to one another. Some even answer.
Like it's there name...It's a Shame

We live in this Age of Disgrace !
We have been tricked, Fooled taken out of Our Original Minds.. 
We have forgotten who we really are...
The Original Man. The First to Walk this Earth.

Black Men when did we lose self respect ?
Using the Hateful Word...Ni**er as if you are proud of it...
Who taught you that wearing pants with your drawers showing was a sign of Manhood ! 
It's A Disgrace! With No Self Respect! 
Now we wear short pants to our ankles with XXL shirts 
We look like Cartoon Caricatures.. Mental Midgets.
What happened to style elegance and grace ?
We are being made to be the Fools, Clowns of the Entire World !

The entire World sees us as Expendable. 
Care to know why? We don't take care of Our Own! 
When Men take no interest in protecting their Women or Children and Neighborhoods.
Our Women are only seen in a negative light. 
On videos shaking their behinds humping with very little cloths on. This is how we do it. 
Like Fools. That All the World Sees!
We are truly doomed. We are being led to slaughter.
In 100 years we will be Extinct !

We have sold our Women and self respect for gold teeth, 
tattoos and a car with big wheels...
Also where did all the tattoos come from on the side of the neck, leg, 
wrists, ankles, backs, face and who know where. 
We were tattooed in slavery like animals. 
Don't  get me wrong ! It can be very beautiful, but not taken to the Extreme !
And what are the gold teeth about? 
This is another way we were tracked in slavery. 
Like branding a farm animal..

Our Great Leaders Martin, Malcolm, Medgar, Harriet, and countless others..
Died so that we could live Free !
Would be truly Ashamed at our Behavior ! 
It's not about Us....We live in the World of Me...
Who said it takes a village to raise a child ..?

Wake up Black Man this is not a Dream !
Kill the Young Men and Our Race will End...
We are afraid of our children. Young boys with guns. 
The plan is for a young black boy to have a police record by 11yrs of age. 
A felony by 16 and off to prison or dead by 20 yrs of age.
Young men killing each other for nothing ! 
A piece on the corner that the city owns. 
Young Black Men have to stop killing each other. 
Many will Die by the time you read my words !

Everyday I see young Men and Women, boys and girls cursing in public.
For everyone in listening range to hear ! 
If My Mother were here..
She would have a time pulling off your ear. Then She would call your Mothers House !
What a beating you would get for disrespecting your Family in the Street.
Discipline is a thing of the past. 
Just try to whipping your Child's Azz....
The Law will come for you. Your Children don't belong to you.
If you do whip that azz. Your child may call the police on you !
See their taught this in school...

These so called role models in Music or Athletes said...
It's the parents job to raise the youth.
Well what about your social responsibility to all that emulate you !
We have to take our respect for our People to a Higher Level. 
Becoming Respectable Decent Black People Once Again.

Turn on BET any day of the week. 
You see dumb rappers spueing all kinds of blasphemies .
All you can do is make cash for me , shake that azz for me....
Killing the Youth through Sound.
Music is a Weapon thats being used in the destruction of Our Youth !
Selling their posion to Young Black Souls.
To make it worse !
We as Black People Don't Complain !
About this Madness that controls the Music we hear !
Call me a Hater... So be it!
Life is No Game!

We live in the Age of Disgrace.
Just take a look at some of the awful pictures on some FB pages.
This is a work in progress...
To be continued...on another day.

By the way.. Don't ever call me dog!
Please feel free to let me know what you think....

Anthony / Nubian Man 01
This 31st day of May in 2008

By Copyright © Anthony C. Chatman

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