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Align Yourself With Good Intention



I’m sure you've heard before that it’s important to set a clear intention when you want to accomplish something. But setting a clear intention is not only important when you want to accomplish a major goal, it’s important to understand the intention behind everything you say or do and to understand what kind of energy you are putting into something. It’s the intention and the energy behind it that determines the type of results that you get.


This affects everything that you do, so the more aware you are of your choices and your motivations for making those choices, the more easily you’ll be able to accomplish what you want because you’ll be in alignment with your intention. When you become more aware, you’ll also start to notice when the choices that you’re making are not helping you get what you really want.


For example, let’s say that your intention is to create a better life for yourself. So you work hard but it seems that no matter how hard you work, you cannot create the level of success you want and need in order to create the life that you want. Why isn't it working if your intention is a positive one? To understand this, you have to look at the energy you are bringing to the situation. What is the energy behind the intention? If you are feeling desperate because you are struggling to pay the bills, the energy that is behind your intention is that of desperation and fear.


So every action that you take, although it’s with the intention of creating a better life, is infused with that energy. What you will attract is more struggle, more reasons to feel desperation and fear. In other words, your actions have to be in alignment with your intention. The energy of your thoughts and your actions has to be in alignment with your intention. So if you push yourself to work hard, and won’t allow yourself any time off until you reach your goals, the energy behind what you are doing to yourself is not loving and compassionate, it is harsh, it comes from fear. It is not in alignment with creating a better life for yourself. If you want a better life, one of the first things to do is to start treating yourself better. Don’t push yourself so hard. Treat yourself gently and with compassion and respect.


If you find yourself working at three in the morning, or working through lunch, stop and ask yourself what is my intention in doing this? If the answer is, I’m doing this so I can make more money and create a better life for myself, then ask yourself what is the energy behind the action that you’re taking (working late)? The energy behind it does not come from love – you are not being loving towards yourself. It comes from fear. You’re afraid that if you don’t work that hard you won’t make it.


Even though the part of you that sets your positive intentions that wants the best for you, there are other parts of your personality that don’t agree with or... think you can’t have that, just like what I talked about earlier. These are the parts of your personality that are afraid, they operate from fear. Self awareness is always the key to transformation and if you want to really understand how to fulfill your intentions, pay attention to the energy behind what you do. When the energy behind your actions is fear based, you will attract more of that energy. When the energy behind your actions comes from love, then you will attract more love. The choice is yours and you’re already making those choices, but mostly unconsciously. When you make them conscious, then you come into alignment with what you really want.

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