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60 years ago, we launched satellites into space which helped us in determining the exact circumference of the Earth: 40,030 km. But over 2,000 years ago, a man in Ancient Greece came up with nearly the exact same figure by putting a stick in the ground.



This Greek's name was Eratosthenes and he was a mathematician and the head of the library of Alexandria. He measured and calculated the Earth's circumference using only a stick and his brains, and proved that the Earth was a sphere and not flat.


THIS is the fairy tale they teach us. I've seen countless people repeat and share this fairy tale over the years thinking they have poked a big hole in the Flat Earth Truth. Today I'll show you just how ridiculous this story is, and how foolish all those individuals are who just parrot this fairy tale without even thinking or realizing for a moment what they're saying...

So, let's get started...

You see, "smart" people always knew that the Earth was a sphere. Starting with Pythagoras, who assumed, around 500 B.C. that the Earth is round because ships disappeared over the horizon, 200 years later (around 340 B.C.) it was Aristotle, who claimed a bunch of stuff (like the Earth's component pieces, falling naturally towards the center, would press into a round form), stuff that only 2,000 years later were barely starting to be theorized.

There were some other guys, like Aristarchus, or Anaxagoras, who also claimed a bunch of stuff that no human mind was able to comprehend. Now, they were probably smarter than most of the other ancients who lived at those times. But the problem is that there is barely any document that supports most of those guys' claims. But this doesn't mean that they didn't make those claims.
(Assuming all these men even existed and are not just some made-up characters...)
Before starting with the Eratosthenes hoax, try to imagine yourself in the ancient world, 2,500 years ago. Your life will center around surviving. The world in those times was a permanent war, between different tribes, clans, cities, nations.
Starving was a daily basis reality. Being killed or eaten by an animal was again a daily basis reality. Diseases were rampant.

In one word, your entire life would be centered around feeding yourself and avoiding being killed. Most people those days were slaves. The average life expectancy was like 28. If you were lucky enough, your life might have had some sex in it, before you'd be impaled on a battlefield by the spear of some guy on the opposite side. (And there was a "library" for people to gain knowledge? Cool story)
(This is what the System teaches us about history, ancient times, people of the past and how they lived their lives... assuming it's all true, let's continue...)
But let's say that those guys that I mentioned were so smart, that they were able to avoid being killed and avoid starvation and slavery, being part of the royal circles or whatever, and all their adult life were sleeping and thinking how to make the world a better place.

This Eratosthenes guy lived between 276-195/194 B.C. He managed to live for 80 years or so, in a time where the average life expectancy was 28. Good for him, I say. Anyway, basically, this guy wanted to measure the Earth, he already "knew" that the Earth was a sphere... or we were told that this was the case. To date, there is no document that was written by Eratosthenes regarding the experiment. Only documents mentioning it.

When Eratosthenes was 30 years old, he moved to Alexandria, in Egypt, where he lived for the rest of his life. We all know the story of how Eratosthenes did his "experiment". He knew about a well in Syene, that during the Summer Solstice, when the Sun was at noon, there was no shadow presented at the bottom of the well. So, he wanted to measure the shadow of a pillar (some said it was a tower) in Alexandria during the same Summer Solstice.

First, let's start with the "fact" that he knew that there was no shadow at noon, at the bottom of that well in Syene. Basically, he was so bored of thinking about how to make the world better, that he decided to stare down a well, for months, to see how much of the bottom of that well was in shade. Or maybe it was a slave, taking a break from slavery, for a couple a months, who looked into the well and told Eratosthenes. Or maybe it was a soldier, taking a break from dying.

For Eratosthenes to be able to measure the Earth's circumference, even assuming that he knew that the Earth was a sphere, he MUST also have known the size of the Sun and the distance between the Sun and the Earth. And I am sorry to say, but nobody knew that. Nobody even today knows that. First, he had to assume that the Sun was bigger than the Earth. Well, he had absolutely no reason to assume this, no matter how imaginative he was, and no matter what someone assumed before him, because that someone could have been wrong. Science is based on assuming that what you know is wrong.
(Just think about it again, even today, why would/should anyone "assume" that the Sun is bigger than the Earth...? When we look up at the Sun in the sky, we find no visual proof or empirical evidence of a distant-gigantic Sun... Nothing we see, feel or observe about the Sun hints towards it being larger than the Earth. Even the Sun's light and heat appear to be localized. There is absolutely no reason to assume something when direct observation is telling us something else. The only reason most people today "believe" the Sun to be a gigantic ball of fire millions of miles away is because of NASA and their fake space pictures, cartoons and computer generated images... Besides that, there is no reason to think so. What most of these people "believe" is not based on personal experience, but rather just someone else telling them something, something taken on "faith", which they cannot verify or confirm themselves, ever. Now I wonder, what reason did Mr. Eratosthenes have to assume anything at all in the first place? And you know what... he also assumed that the Earth is a perfect sphere and that the Sun rays are parallel when they reach the Earth... amazing isn't it?)

Third, he had to know the distance, in a straight line, between the tower or the pillar in Alexandria (make up your mind, globetards, what was it : a tower or a pillar, or a stick maybe) and the well in Syene. In those times, the distances were measured in hours, days, weeks or months, and in some cases, years. He knew (how the hell he knew) that the distance between the tower/pillar/stick and the well was 5,000 stadia. Now, a stadia, in those times, had like 4 sizes, ranging from 100 meters to 400 meters.
Who measured the distance, in a straight line, in those times, between Alexandria and Syene? The logical answer is : NOBODY did it. Try today, to go in a straight line, for 10 miles, without even a compass. You need to use a lot of rope and a lot of sticks, stopping every 100 feet to check if the rope is as straight as possible. You walk, slowly, for 100 feet, as straight as possible, then stop and put a freaking stick in the ground. This will take you like 5 minutes. 10 miles = 52,800 feet. Which basically means 528 sticks times 5 minutes... you will need at least 44 hours. Let's say you are speedy enough, and do every 100 feet and stick in 3 minutes. You will still need like 26 hours.
Well, do this for 500 miles. This will take you AT LEAST 50 times more time. Which means, assuming 30 hours for every 10 miles, about 1,500 hours to do it. That is like 62 days, if you do it without stopping. Assuming you can do it for 12 hours per day, using the 12 hours left to sleep, eat and rest... you are looking at 124 days.
Now, spend those 124 days ALONE, in the middle of a DESERT, because according to the freaking legend, Eratosthenes asked one freaking guy (a friend or whoever) to measure the distance between Alexandria and Syene. (And, uh, gee, him and his "buddy" must've had "cell phones" or internet, or some form of instant communications, eh?) Add in the equation various tribes that wanted to kill everyone who wasn't a part of their tribe, add the thieves and murderers along the way, who also wanted to kill you.
Back in those times, to be able to measure a 500 miles distance in a straight line, in the middle of a desert filled with enemy tribes, thieves and murderers... you would need a freaking army, 500 miles of rope and over 5000 sticks. Only the rope and the sticks would need like 20 carriages, with horses. And even if you had an army, heading South, the Pharaoh would need to make peace with all the enemies on the path. Imagine the Pharaoh sending envoys to the enemies in the South, telling them, "I will send an army down South, but not to invade you. The army will stop at Syene, and turn back home, because some librarian wants to measure the Earth's circumference!". GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!!

Do you start to see how this entire Eratosthenes experiment is nothing but a fairy tale? A well designed hoax, for the weak minds?

Even assuming that the Pharaoh gave him an army, and even assuming that the army measured the distance between the freaking tower/pillar/stick and the well, Eratosthenes did not know the size of the Sun and the distance to the Sun. He could not have assumed that the Sun rays are parallel, without knowing the Sun's size and the distance between the Sun and the Earth. He also did not know that the atmosphere is a massive convex lens, converging the Sun rays, making them non parallel.
There is so much he did not know, that his experiment, even assuming it took place, the measurements were dead wrong. But we are still being taught in schools about it, and we are told that it was a real experiment, and if you don't want to be considered an idiot, you must accept that you are at least as smart as some guy who lived over 2,000 years ago.

So this is what the globetards' THEORY rests on - a man from B.C. and a BS experiment.
The educational system is used to dumb us down, but at the same time making us believe we are freaking geniuses. This Eratosthenes hoax was part of this. I mean, if you don't want to be considered stupider than a guy who lived over 2,000 years ago, don't ever question the "fact" that he measured the Earth.
It's ironic how globetards mock and make fun of Flat-Earthers when they are shown evidence of all past cultures and civilizations having a Flat Earth cosmology, and ridicule us by saying, "oh you believe ignorant ancients and jungle men who didn't know anything!" Yet, at the same time, when the globetards have to impose a lie upon the masses, they take the support of fake names and stories from ancient times to build a foundation for their idiotic and baseless claims. Globetards can't seem to make up their minds. When it suits them, the ancients are ignorant folks who knew nothing... and when they want, suddenly the same ancients become the smartest men that ever existed! Amazing, isn't it...




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